Make Money From Home Online Legitimately

How to make money from home legitimately?

I am writing this hub to provide a guide to people wanting to work from home online and earn a decent income. I would like to warn that there are lots of Fake sites offering online jobs. These are designed by unscrupulous elements to rip off your hard earned money. You will end up wasting precious time as well. The various Make money from home jobs that I have described below are legitimate and many people around the world are already making money through them. You can join these for free. Almost all these can be done online and all you need is just a PC with a good speed internet connection. However, these jobs require certain basic system and communication skills. And you need to be patient in order to see your earnings grow. As I have already said, these are genuine online jobs and not Get-Rich-Quick-schemes. In fact, there is nothing called a “Get-Rich-Quick Online job”.

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1. Content Writing job/Freelance Writing: Content Writing is the activity of developing content for websites. It could be for printed material also. Content writers may work for a company or they may be freelance writers. Most Freelance writers work from home. In India, content writers are paid a minimum of Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 per article. Professional content writers are paid higher. Some companies pay as high as Rs. 1000 or above per article. In the US, most professional writers earn around $20 per hour. Content Writing doesn’t consume much time. Further, there is no specialized skill set requirement. Therefore it can be undertaken as a Part-time job

2. Proof Reading: Proof Readers are people who check content before they are published or printed. Proof Reading is often associated with Content Writing. Proof Readers are mostly sought after in the field of journalism. Specialized qualification or degree may be an added advantage for proof readers. Like Content Writers, you could join a company or work as a Freelance proof Reader

3. Translation jobs: If you know two or more languages, you could become a professional Translator. There are different types of Translation jobs- Medical Translation, Technical Translation, Business Translation etc. You can choose an area based on your domain knowledge and experience. The average income of a full time professional Translator in the USA is around $5000 per month
In India, there is heavy demand for translators in German, French and Japanese. Many people have quit their jobs to take up the profession of a Translator. Some companies pay as high as Rs 50,000 per month for translation jobs. You could search for Translation jobs in India through online portals such as

4. Call Centre Agent: Many companies allow Freelance workers to work as Call centre agents from their homes. You need good communication skills and familiarity in applications such as MS Office Excel, Word etc. Possession of Computer related equipments is necessary in order to work from home.

5. Blogging: Ever wondered if you could make money through Blogging? Blogging can be fun and if you have the ability to write rich, in-depth and high quality blogs on a variety of subjects, you could monetize your blogs and earn money. There are many free online community platforms like Blogger, Hubpages, Squidoo etc in which you can create your own site and write articles. You can then enroll in Affiliate programs like Adsense, eBay, Amazon etc. and make money through your site.

6. Online Advertising Affiliate programs: Advertisement affiliate programs allow you to earn money by displaying ads on your websites based on the content. When visitors to your website click on the Ads, you earn money. Google Adsense is the most popular and preferred ad affiliate program worldwide

7. Affiliate Marketing Programs: Through Affiliate marketing, you will sell products belonging to a company through your website. In return you will receive a certain amount as commission. eBay and Amazon are two of the most popular marketing affiliate programs worldwide. In India, e-Commerce companies such as Flipkart are offering affiliate programs. One can earn up to Rs 60 per app installed using Flipkart affiliate program.

8. Hotel/Travel Affiliate program: They work similar to Marketing Affiliate programs. However they are offered by Hotel/Travel companies. When you refer a customer to them and if the customer books a Hotel or a Flight ticket, you will earn commission. TripAdvisor Travel Affiliate Programme offers commission up to 50%. Yatra Affiliate program is another popular Travel affiliate program in India

9. Write E Books: If you are good at writing books, you could create an e Book (electronic Book) and sell it online to make money. You can instantly receive money through online modes like Paypal and Stripe. There are many sites where you can market your e books and many of these sites offer their services free of cost. Paytm is an eCommerce platform through which you could create your own online store